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Counselling & Art Therapy


Supporting and Inspiring Change.

Areas of Practice


Counselling & Art Therapy

I can offer you or a loved one new ways to grow and overcome emotional or psychological issues. I provide my services through both counselling and art therapy. A combination of both talking and creating.


This is the "talk" therapy portion of my work with you. Together, we will find what is really bothering you, stopping you from progressing in your life, and creating new ways to live. I find that we often act or feel a certain way and do not know why. When we learn the source of our thoughts and our feelings, we can change how we act.

Art Therapy

And this is the "creation" portion. Expressing yourself through art is not a requirement to work with me, but I have seen it to be helpful for many people. You do not need to be an artist either; you only need a willingness to experiment. My work will help you to express - in a visual form - the source of your thoughts and feelings, and to learn from it.


I provide my knowledge and expertise as a registered clinical counsellor and art therapist to various groups. I provide consulting services to schools, businesses or organizations as well as independent individuals.

Schools - Businesses - Organizations

I can provide up-to-date knowledge regarding the mental health field. I provide consultation as a one-time or a multiple service. For example, I have provided consultation for graduate students developing smartphone applications around mental health difficulties.


Even if you are not a part of a company or organization, you can reach out to me as an individual. You have questions, and I can provide answers. These services are for parents or partners who are looking for information, but not counselling. I can provide my knowledge regarding any questions you have about mental health issues. Please see my specialities for just some of the areas I can provide information for you.

Workshops & Groups

I run workshops for groups surrounding similar topics in my counselling and consulting work. The groups I can offer you will differ based on your needs. Please reach out to me regarding developing a workshop or group that you do not find here.

Businesses - Organizations

I offer services to businesses and organizations similar to my consulting work. I can provide my knowledge about mental health to your staff through brief lunch-and-learns, one-day seminars, or multi-day workshops. Topics include: mindfulness in the workplace; using art to creatively problem solve; and psychoeducation about mental health disorders or challenges in work.


I also provide counselling and art therapy services in group format, and are open to the public. These are therapy-oriented groups, and we will explore emotional or psychological challenges to adapt and overcome. Topics include: anxiety and depression; overcoming video game addiction.